In Ghat they believe in vampire watermelons,
although folklore is silent about what they believe about vampire watermelons.

Possibly they suck back.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum)

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Gif set part 2: This be serious vampire graf

Oh Drewlock, I may think your voice is all wrong for the part, but you are so much fun…


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    Haha, these are awesome.
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    I do love these, truly
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    I love the promo videos. XD My favorite is the one with the candy and the not-blood, though.
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    I think I’m going to use these as my reaction to everything from now on.
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    These are from two promo videos they did last autumn. Here’s the elevator and here’s the poor choking Drewlock.
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    Can’t wait for Kevin to do some promos like this.
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