In Ghat they believe in vampire watermelons,
although folklore is silent about what they believe about vampire watermelons.

Possibly they suck back.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum)

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Scenic Design Comparison (Part 4):

Tanz der Vampire (Seinäjoki production, designed by Marjatta Kuivasto) / (Budapest / Vienna Revival design by Kentaur) / (Original Vienna design by William Dudley) / (Tokyo design; designer unknown) / Dance of the Vampires (Broadway design by David Gallo

Set/Scene: The Library (Bücher, Bücher / Books)

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there’s always one hot person in an ensemble that you just end up sorta stalking throughout the show 

"oh hey you’re really cute." "look you’re back as a villager." "oh there’s that guy being a police officer now." "you thought you could hide under that big costume but i see you cute ensemble member.”